Sugar Hill Creamery proudly serves a Nicaraguan and Guatemalan coffee blend of hints of chocolate and jasmin. The blend is roasted by Gotham Coffee Roasters at the Pulley Collective in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 


Many of Sugar Hill Creamery's flavors are seasonal and rotate on a daily basis. 


The vanilla for this classic comes from the island, Ile Bourbon, from which the vanilla was originally sourced and not the bottle stashed directly underneath the counter (kidding of course). Ile Bourbon, now known as Reunion, lies directly off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. We use pastured milk and cream from Saratoga Springs to create a sweet, creamy vanilla sensation.



The African island of Madagascar provides us with this single-estate dark chocolate. The result is a decadent, rich sorbet often mistaken for ice cream because of its creamy, milky texture.



We ramp up our golden brown caramel ice cream with the addition of butterscotch and brownies made by Harlem's own, Make My Cake.

Roasted Corn and jalapeno

Calling on fond memories of farm life in July when the season's sweet corn is ready to be picked, this flavor is composed of roasted ears of corn and whole jalapeños steeped in our vanilla ice cream base. This ice cream is naturally sweet with a hint of spice.


Chocolate Chip cookie dough

This classic flavor includes chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough. We make our own dough and fold into our vanilla ice cream

peach cobbler

A juicy ripe peach screams summer. This ice cream has pureed peaches with a dash of cinnamon. We add our homemade biscuits for a cobbler crunch.


café touba and peanuts

Café Touba is a Senegalese coffee roasted on the streets of the holy city of Touba. What makes this coffee distinct is its spicy flavor. This is because roasters add a spice called Djar, made from selim peppers and clove. We add peanuts, a cash crop of Senegal, to create a nutty goodness. 

blueberry cheesecake

Our signature cream cheese-based ice cream includes layers of with graham crackers and blueberry jam. This customer-favorite is now offered year around.


soursop (v)

Soursop is a favorite of our uncle who would bring a basket of the fruit with him from Flatbush when he visited Harlem. He pleaded for a soursop ice cream so we obliged with a non-dairy version with soursop and coconut milk.


strawberry basil

Berries are a running theme at Sugar Hill Creamery in the summer. We couldn't forget about a classic, strawberry ice cream. We've twisted the original with a hint of basil.




'My morning coffee' Ice Cream Sandwich

This classic dessert turned ice cream sandwich includes our Café Touba ice cream, coffee cake and royal fig jam.



Nodding to Thomforde’s, Harlem’s last soda fountain located on St. Nicholas Ave and 125th Street, Sugar Hill Creamery’s malt shake offers a nostalgic reprieve for older Harlem residents and an introduction to good ole’ fashion fare for younger ones.

cherry walnut sundae

We compose a layered sundae of vanillaice cream topped with brandied cherries, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and toasted walnuts. Then, we repeat.

cafe touba coffee float

Djar is a spice added to coffee made in the villages outside of Touba, Senegal. We use this spice in a vanilla ice cream and float it in cold brew coffee and sweetened condensed milk.

Cookies and brownies

We serve a selection of assorted cookies and brownies made by Harlem bakeries and beyond.



We are proud to serve a selection of croissants, scones and danishes from Balthazar Bakery.