School Field Trips at the Shop

Sugar Hill Creamery is dedicated to educating young people about food, civic leadership, and entrepreneuralism. Whether you're working with 3-year-olds or 18-year-olds, we have fee-based workshops that tailor to your students and their curricular needs. We can accommodate up to 15 students at a time.


Kids of all ages learn how to make ice cream in this workshop. From talking about what ingredients go into ice cream and discussing their geographic origins to smelling fresh vanilla bean and then creating their ideal ice cream cone using oil pastels and paper, each students’ senses are engaged as a Sugar Hill Creamery employee demonstrates the step-by-step ice cream making process.Students will have an opportunity to present their drawings and will receive a scoop of  vanilla ice cream at the end of the workshop. Non-dairy substitutes can be provided.


Students share their professional dreams and ambitions during an ice cream demonstration that offers Sugar Hill Creamery’s step-by-step ice cream making process. Students will learn why and how Sugar Hill Creamery Owners Nick and Petrushka opened their shop as they make a small vision board that charts their own professional goals.

Participants will have an opportunity to present their vision boards as they eat a scoop of vanilla ice cream at the end of the workshop. Non-dairy substitutes can be provided.


Like many neighborhoods in New York and across the country, Harlem is rapidly changing as the cost of living rising everyday. Students discuss the concept of gentrification and how it impacts neighborhoods while touching on key historical moments in Harlem’s history.

Participants receive a scoop of vanilla ice cream at the end of the conversation. Non-dairy substitutes can be provided.


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