Sugar Hill Creamery was an idea brought upon by the ‘sweet life’ that so many generations in Sugar Hill sought. As long time Harlem residents, we dreamt of this ‘sweet life’ while living on St. Nicholas Ave and 148th Street. After years of growth in our respective industries, Sugar Hill Creamery was built in the Mount Morris Park District of Harlem, our current neighborhood, as a tribute to our love for each other and our neighbors, past and present.

The shop is a love affair between community and food – something all our neighbors can share and take part. Dedicated to local collaborations and the best ingredients, we serve handmade, small batch ice cream and non-dairy frozen desserts, with both seasonal and classic flavors available year around. Many of the available flavors are inspired by our Caribbean and Midwestern cultures, as well as Harlem, our neighborhood of close to 15 years.

For over a century, Sugar Hill and Harlem have set high bars. for artistry, literature, music and food in New York. We plan to keep the same standard and will continue to promote all that Harlem has and will continue to create.

Nick Larsen and Petrushka Bazin Larsen



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