A resident of Harlem for close to 15 years, Petrushka is the Executive Director of the Reading Team, a literacy-based non-profit located in Harlem. Prior to her appointment at the Reading Team, she worked as Vice President for Programs & Education at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and Program Director at the Laundromat Project, a non-profit organization committed to building resilient neighborhoods using art, art making, and culture as platforms for meaningful exchanges between New York residents. When she’s not promoting literacy for her youngest neighbors, she works for Sugar Hill Creamery. She is the proud mom to young girls under the age of five



After attending the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, Nick moved to New York City to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian. For five years, Nick supported himself by waiting tables while, “being funny, just not that funny.” Finished with showbiz types, Nick graduated from the International Culinary Center and began his ascension through some of New York City’s finest dining establishments. He worked for David Bouley’s flagship restaurant as Maitre D’Hotel, and then joined Blue Hill as Service Director under Dan Barber. Nick became the General Manager of the highly-regarded restaurant Telepan. There he lead a team of 40 employees including front of house and kitchen staff while overseeing the restaurant’s daily operations. He is currently head of acquisitions for the procurement of ice cream and confections for his oldest daughter Ila.



Joey has lived and worked in New York City for nearly eight years. During that time he has worked in a diverse group of restaurants across Manhattan. Upon his arrival in New York City he began work at Alice’s Teacup. After Alice’s teacup he began work at Balthazar. Joey has also worked at Michelin Star restaurant Junoon and the classic American restaurant, Cookshop. For the last four years Joey has been the Pastry Sous Chef at Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery. Having spent time working with many talented Pastry Chefs in various restaurant settings and environments Joey has honed his own unique, creative and delicious style. 

Some say that Joey was struck by lightning twice and survived. Others say that he is completely tattooed underneath his clothes and rumors circulate of his collection of solid gold toilets. It’s hard to separate the man from the myth. All we know for sure is that he is a board certified brain surgeon, he is the youngest supermodel to ever sail around the world solo, and he has true passion and creative interest in creating Ice cream and other confections.



Ida Woldemichael is an art director living in Harlem. With over 10 years of design experience, she has worked with top-tier agencies and non-profit organizations, including HZDG, Infor, and the Clinton Foundation. Most recently, she joined the historic presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton, serving as a lead designer and developing the popular supporter tagline, “I’m with her.” She has also received national recognition for her design work; winning an Art Directors Club award and Addy respectively.



Raúl Ayala is an Ecuadorean visual artist and educator focused on mural production, drawing, art for demonstrations, and illustration, encompassing themes related to justice, memory and immigration. His work has been shown in different contexts and countries. He also works in collaboration with art collectives in New York City and Quito. He is the co-founder of Cooperativa Cultural 19 de enero (CC1/19), an art and oral history collaboration, Grafica Publica, a youth print workshop based at the Mayday Space, and the People’s Collective Arts group, an organization that facilitates visual, performance, and new media art for use in public interventions.



New York City-based food and product photographer Evi Abeler helps clients in the culinary, lifestyle,  and travel world to communicate the love, passion and craft that go into every project through simple, elegant imagery. In addition to her commercial work, she offers photography training and runs the Food Print Shop. Her clients include Food & Wine Magazine, Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Whole Foods Market



Sugar Hill Creamery was designed by Co-Office, a Harlem-based Architecture and Design firm.