Sugar Hill Creamery proudly serves an African blend of Cameroon and Ethiopian coffee. The blend is roasted in El Barrio by Uptown Roasters.


Many of Sugar Hill Creamery's flavors are seasonal and rotate on a daily basis. 


The vanilla for this classic comes from the island, Ile Bourbon, from which the vanilla was originally sourced and not the bottle stashed directly underneath the counter (kidding of course). Ile Bourbon, now known as Reunion, lies directly off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. We use pastured milk and cream from Saratoga Springs to create a sweet, creamy vanilla sensation.



The African island of Madagascar provides us with this single-estate dark chocolate. The result is a decadent, rich sorbet often mistaken for ice cream because of its creamy, milky texture.



We ramp up our golden brown caramel ice cream with the addition of butterscotch and brownies made by Harlem's own, Make My Cake.

bourbon pecan

Brown butter roasted pecans are folded into a Bourbon and brown sugar ice cream to give Harlem a taste of the South.


Chocolate Chip cookie dough

Classic cookie dough ice cream with a lot of chunk. We make our own dough and fold into our vanilla ice cream.

Rocky road

Featuring a 64% chocolate from E. Guittard, we make a milk chocolate ice cream with toasted almonds and our handmade marshmallows.


broken Cones

When serving flavorful, delicate cones from the Konery, collateral damage may occur from time to time. We offer our condolences with a vanilla, hazelnut chocolate and red velvet ice cream from the casualties of war.

blueberry cheesecake

We couldn't wait for summer, so we brought back our signature cream cheese-based ice cream complimented with graham crackers and blueberry jam.



Infusing whole sticks of cinnamon into milk and cream further develops the earthiness and structure of this seasonally-appropriate spice, making it one of Sugar Hill Creamery's fall favorites.


ginger pear (v)

Ginger and pear is a classic combo. We decided to create a sweet, sour and spicy non-dairy treat with the addition of honey and lemon.



A playful rendition of Rum Raisin, we reduce Hennessy with prunes to make this boozy, full-flavored winter flavor.


A$AP Rocky ice cream sandwich

In honor of Harlem's own, we layer our Rocky Road ice cream with more marshmallow, more almond, more chocolate and then sandwich this in our brownies for a Lamborghini High.



Nodding to Thomforde’s, Harlem’s last soda fountain located on St. Nicholas Ave and 125th Street, Sugar Hill Creamery’s malt shake offers a nostalgic reprieve for older Harlem residents and an introduction to good ole’ fashion fare for younger ones.

Brownie sundae

We compose a layered sundae of vanilla ice cream topped with brownie bits topped with whipped cream topped with chocolate sauce topped with caramel sauce. Then we repeat.

new year's float

You can't ring in the new year without sparkling wine and you can't have a float at Sugar Hill Creamery without vanilla ice cream, raspberry coulis and handmade toffee topped off with sparkling rose.

Cookies and brownies

Come check out our selection of assorted cookies and brownies from Make My Cake.



We are proud to serve a selection of croissants, scones and danishes from Balthazar Bakery.