Sugar Hill Creamery proudly serves a Nicaraguan and Guatemalan coffee blend with hints of chocolate and jasmin. The blend is roasted by Gotham Coffee Roasters at the Pulley Collective in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 


Many of Sugar Hill Creamery's flavors are seasonal and rotate on a daily basis. 

andy griffith

Nothing is more vanilla than Andy Griffith. The vanilla for this classic comes from the island, Ile Bourbon, from which the vanilla was originally sourced and not the bottle stashed directly underneath the counter (kidding of course). Ile Bourbon, now known as Reunion, lies directly off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.


sweet socialism (V)

The African island of Madagascar provides us with this single-estate dark chocolate. The result is a decadent, rich sorbet often mistaken for ice cream because of its creamy, milky texture.


harlem sweeties

'Caramel treat, Honey-gold baby, Sweet enough to eat.'

This poem by Langston Hughes is inspiration for our golden-brown, salted caramel ice cream. We add butterscotch and homemade brownies for a bit of a crunch.

Rucker Park (v)

When watching basketball at the most famous street ball park in the world, it is a good idea to cool yourself down with some watermelon sold by the numerous street vendors in Harlem. If you’d like some black sesame swirled in it, come by the shop.


Green Cart

Green Carts were a Bloomberg initiative to eliminate food deserts. Inspired by the produce you can find at any green cart throughout New York City’s five boroughs, we decided to add basil, lemon curd, and shortbread cookies to our strawberry ice cream base.

community gardens

Walk down any street between the boulevards in Harlem and you are likely to come across a community garden. A raspberry vine and rhubarb patch came to mind as a great ice cream pairing.


Gone Till November (v)

Petrushka’s Haitian heritage is the inspiration for this non-dairy dessert. We use soursop fruit and coconut cream to deliver a really refreshing, fruity scoop to cool you down on a hot summer evening.

chairperson of the board

Blueberry cheesecake is rich and definitely the boss of desserts. Our signature cream cheese-based ice cream includes layers of graham crackers and blueberry jam. This customer-favorite is now offered year round.


Melba’s Peach Cobbler

Melba Wilson was so kind to collaborate with us on a peach cobbler flavor for our #harlemflavoroftheweek series and it was so delicious, we decided to keep it on for the summer.


Unfinished Business

Cookie dough isn’t complete until it is baked in the oven but we just passed over this step and added chocolate chip cookie dough to our vanilla ice cream.

Tuma Buna

Tuma Basa, a music influence and Harlemite, helped create this flavor with us. Buna means coffee in Ethiopia and we added a turmeric and ginger candy for extra flavor and texture.




Slice of Pie

For the winter season, we created a variation of a mud pie – coffee ice cream on a Oreo cookie crust that is topped with caramel, chocolate and homemade whipped cream.


Build your own ice cream sandwich from our selection of cookies and brownies and your choice of ice cream from the dipping case. 

brownie sundae

We compose a layered sundae of vanilla ice cream topped with homemade brownies, chocolate and caramel sauce, and whipped cream. Then, we repeat.


Your choice of ice cream goes great with our Virgil's sodas (Black Cherry, Orange, Root Beer and Reed's Ginger Beer).

Cookies and brownies

We serve a selection of assorted cookies and brownies made by Harlem bakeries and beyond.


We are proud to serve a selection of croissants, scones and danishes from Balthazar Bakery.